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Haven’t seen anyone bring up the fact that in Symmetra’s early concept art she seemed to be white?

But hey yeah let’s ignore that and completely bash on canon Mercy’s character instead because this is tumblr, and tumblr can’t simply appreciate concept Mercy’s cool design but also needs to needlessly and aggressively tear canon Mercy’s apart.

I understand and get where people are coming from with having wanted concept Mercy as canon - but the outright hate I’m seeing being put on canon Mercy is ridiculous.

I like Symmetra how she is now. I’m so fucking glad we missed that horrific bullet (ha) that was Mecree’s earlier concept art. I like canon Mercy and her earlier scrub outfits. I also think concept Mercy’s art looks pretty fucking awesome and that he would have would have been a cool character to play. Why can’t we enjoy both without the need to tear into either one?

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