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So you want to get into Overwatch lore?


This version is from 2017-11-04
Click here for the most up to date version of this post

It’s difficult to put all the lore sources in a chronological order. Partly because some sources doesn’t have an obvious place in the timeline, and partly because many sources cover multiple points in the timeline at once. I’ve done my best, but I’ve focused more on the storytelling than being 100% faithful to the timeline.

But before we begin:

First rule of Overwatch lore: The game is not canon.*

* There is no lore reason behind why the characters are fighting in the game, or why there can be more than one of the same hero in a match. The game does not affect the story, and it does not have a story mode. But! There are hint to lore inside the game. Most notably in the voice interactions between the heroes, but also in the maps themselves.

The history of Overwatch

[Twitter] Security breach
[News] Experimental weapon stolen from Watchpoint: Grand Mesa
[Twitter] Who is “Soldier: 76?”
[Bio] Soldier: 76
[Bio] Reaper
[Bio] Reinhardt
[Bio] Torbjörn
[News] Fading glory: On the trail of Jack Morrison
[Video] Soldier: 76 Origin Story

Golden Era

[Bio] Mercy
[Bio] Winston
[Bio] McCree
[Bio] Widowmaker
[Twitter] Overwatch File 00231
[Comic] Junkenstein (PDF)
[Bio] Zenyatta
[Bio] Hanzo
[Bio] Genji
[Bio] Tracer
[Video] Tracer Origin Story
[Twitter] Initiating archive declassification
[Comic] Uprising (PDF)
[Video] King’s Row Uprising Origin Story
[Comic] Legacy (PDF)
[Bio] Ana
[Video] Ana Origin Story

After the fall

[Bio] Symmetra
[Bio] Lúcio
[Comic] A Better World (PDF)
[Twitter] Weightlifting world champ
[Twitter] Increased mech production
[Bio] Zarya
[Twitter] Visit Numbani
[Twitter] Vigilante justice
[Comic] Train Hopper (PDF)
[StarCraft] D.Va’s profile on StarCraft World Championship Series
[Bio] D.Va
[Comic] Dragon Slayer (PDF)
[Comic] Wasted Land (PDF)
[Bio] Roadhog
[Bio] Junkrat
[Video] A Moment in Crime Special Report: “The Junkers”
[Comic] Going Legit (PDF)
[Twitter] They Came From Beyond the Moon!
[Bio] Pharah
[Comic] Mission Statement (PDF)
[Comic] Destroyer (PDF)
[Bio] Bastion
[Video] The Last Bastion


[News] Lúcio brings music to life with Syneasthesia World Tour
[Twitter] Strange lights sighted
[Video] Recall
[Video] Are You With Us?
[Video] Alive
[Video] Dragons
[News] LumériCo’s vision for Mexico unvieled, but threats to safety and security remain
[Video] Hero
[Video] Rise and Shine
[Bio] Mei
[News] Mei’s adventures
[Video] Honor and Glory
[Video] Cinematic Trailer
[News] Overwatch is back: Uncertainty and hope after UN confirms vigilante activity
[Video] We are Overwatch 

First year after Recall

[Comic] Old Soldiers (PDF)
[ARG] Sombra ARG
[News] LumériCo Revelations: CEO Guillermo Portero under fire
[Twitter] WANTED
[Twitter] Banco de Dorado robbery
[Twitter] LumériCo network security breach
[News] LumériCo CEO steps down
[Video] Infiltration
[Bio] Sombra
[Video] Sombra Origin Story
[Comic] Searching (PDF)
[Comic] Reflections (PDF)
[News] Oasis Travel Tips
[Tapestry] Winston’s Journey to the West (News)
[Twitter] Lúcio’s breakout single: Sonhos Ômnicos! 


[News] An Interview with Inventor Efi Oladele
[Twitter] OR15 defence units destroyed
[Twitter] Time to get to work
[Video] Orisa Origin Story
[Bio] Orisa
[Comic] Binary (PDF
[News] New Details Emerge About Possible Fate of Horizon Lunar Colony
[Map] Horizon Lunar Colony
[News] Talon Involvement Confirmed In Previous Attack on Helix Facility
[Video] Doomfist Origin Story
[Bio] Doomfist
[Comic] Masquerade (PDF)
[Video] Junkertown: The Plan
[Map] Junkertown
[Map] Blizzard World
[Video] Moira Origin Story
[Bio] Moira

Congratulations, you should now be up to date with Overwatch lore.


Heroes of the Storm - Tracer Trailer
D.Va StarCraft announcer
Heroes of the Storm - Hanamura Showdown
Heroes of the Storm - Dragons of the Nexus

Have I missed a source? Please let me know.

I’ve started to fall out of the fandom, so as of 2017-11-03 I will still add the lore that I find, but I will no longer actively go searching for it.

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