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Mercy Nerfs


Just when I was adjusting to Mercy’s new kit, she gets nerfed into the ground. As someone who plays quite a bit of Mercy, this is completely disheartening. Res being on a shorter cooldown was a major part of what made her new ultimate bearable and useful to the team. It made Valkyrie unique. It made Valkyrie stand out from the other ults. And it made Mercy feel like she was contributing to the team even more.

Without that shortened resurrect cooldown, they’ve essentially made Mercy’s new ult a different version of Orisa’s.

Additionally, being in the air only makes her a better target for an ulting Soldier or McCree. A talented DPS main can knock her out of the sky if they focus her properly. It paints a larger target on her back. I can’t count how many times I’ve been killed after just popping the ult, or during the beginning of it. Can it be useful to the team? Yes, but not as much as the original Resurrect or Valkyrie were.

The momentum limit also destroys so much of her sustainability. A good Mercy can duck and weave through approaching enemies using Guardian Angel. And nerfing that just makes her even more killable than before.

I would also like to talk about the toxicity regarding Mercy mains within the game’s community. There are countless cases of Mercy mains (especially female ones) being harassed. People who target them and berate them use their status as Mercy mains as leverage against them. By changing and nerfing Mercy, the devs have encouraged this toxic behavior. Whether they want to realize it or not, the devs are giving toxic players the OK to harass Mercy mains because you listened to them and changed her entire kit + nerfed her.

With these changes, they’ve not only watered her down to be a dull, uninteresting character to play, but they’ve also indirectly supported toxicity towards support players. These changes really show that the devs aren’t listening to people who actually play Mercy, and are more effected by these changes.

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